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2187 Wehrle Dr.
Williamsville, NY 14221




Congratulations to Keith Stumpf on receiving the New York State Men's Gymnastics Compulsory Coach of the year!


2017 National Qualifers

Level 10 Boys

Hunter Sullivan (17)

Sean Turtle (18)

2017 Regional Champions


Level 8 Girls

Reilly Gruttaduria (Jr B) Vault & All-Around

Level 6 Boys

PJ oconnell

Aydin Kahn (7-9) Vault



Level 5 Boys

PJ oconnell

Declan Sengbusch (9) Rings



2017 Regional Team Cup Members


Level 6 Boys

PJ oconnell







Clarence Funderberg, P.j. O'Connell

PJ oconnell









Jacob Fitscher, Declan Sengbusch, Zach Bridenbaker & Nick Malchow


2017 State Champions

Level 10 Boys

Josh Reinstein (15-16) Parallel Bar, High Bar

Level 8 Girls

Kirsten Maybach (Ch C) Vault

Reilly Gruttaduria (Ch D) Bars

Level 8 Boys

Nathan Jay (13-14) Floor , Vault, All-Around

Level 7 Boys

PJ oconnell

Peter Wohlberg (12+) Parallel Bars




Will Atkinson (12+) Floor & Rings

Level 6 Boys

PJ oconnell

P.J. O'Connell (10-11) Rings




Kohlton Black (12+) Floor & Rings


Level 5 Girls

Iyana Dixon (Sr D) Vault

Joy Rindfleisch (Sr C) Bars, Floor, All-Around

Emmalee Sweeney (Sr B) Bars

Lia Reyes(Sr A) Beam

Anna Marks (JR C) All-Around

Reagan Lashway (Jr C) Bars

Grace Harry (Jr B) Floor

Olivia Chapman (Ch B) Vault

Level 5 Boys

Nick Malchow (10) Rings, Vault, High Bar



PJ oconnell

Declan Sengbusch (9) Rings, High Bar



PJ oconnell

Zachary Bridenbaker (7-8) Rings




Level 5 Divison II Boys

aiden hammerl

Aiden Hammerl ( 11+) Pommel Horse, Rings, All-Around



Level 4 Girls

Molly Clarke (Jr A) Bars & Beam

Julia Swick (Sr A) Bars

Gabrielle Prey (Sr A) Bars

Level 4 Boys


Miles Zelasko (9) High bar




Joel Hickman (11+) Floor




Level 4 Divison II Boys

aiden hammerl

Caswell Gawronski (7-8) Rings, All- Around



aiden hammerl

Jacob Jensen (7-8) Parallel Bars



aiden hammerl

James Barr (7-8) High Bar



aiden hammerl

Mark Kosmoski (7-8) Vault



aiden hammerl

David Gervasi (6) Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Parallel Bars, Highbar , All-Around



aiden hammerl

Xavy Decker (6) Vault



Level 3 Girls

Kailey Garver (Jr A) Vault

Emily Waldron (Jr A) Floor

Kaitlyn Frondon (Sr C) Bars


Maia Pecoraro ( Silver Jr C) Bars & All- Around

Sophie Maclean ( Silver Jr D) Beam

Marissa Collura ( Gold Sr D) Vault





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